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Brake/Master cylider problems.

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Currently my truck has no brakes whatsoever. When I first got it they were working fine and it even seemed that the height sensing valve was still working. After it sat about a month I went to move it and the pedal goes right to the floor. Upon inspection I found no leaks or wet spots but the front resivoir of the master cylinder was bone dry.


Since I can't find any leaks I'm wondering if the fluid is leaking out into the Vac booster and getting burned up in the engine.

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only the front half was dry? the front half holds the fluid for the rear brakes only, so the leak is somewhere in the rear system.. if none of the lines are leaking, the only other place it could leak from is the wheel cylinders.. since it's been sitting for a while you'll probably have to pull the drums off to check those.. but take a real good look where the lines go behind the gas tank as well, sometimes if a line breaks up there it can be hard to spot..

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