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Smoke after running for about 20 minutes

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when I drove to work, about 20 mins, I start seeing a lot of smoke coming from under the hood and I smeel which seems like exhaust maybe oil or something. I don't know but I do have a cracked valve cover... I might be replacing that soon, if I can find an aluminum one.


Can anyone help? I will have pics soon..

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my 88 mj blow by was so bad that it was filling the engine bay (with the hood closed) with exaust and oil smell - I had a catch can collecting the blow by. This exhaust smoke had to go somewhere so it found its way thru my shifter into the cab and made driving with the windows open very difficult. My solution, I ended up swapping another engine.

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Yeah I figured I would have to do an engine swap sooner or later but it only has 131k... Lol I'll probably put another 2.5L just because, no dealing with wires and it's just a DD to school and stuff.


About the oil pressure. What could cause that?

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