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MJ Bush Guard

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Hey everybody, is me agene to ask more questions. I have pictures :brows: .


I picked up this front bush guard from a friend. He got it on is 92 MJ back in 92 where he custom ordered his truck. you should see it now.


Anyways does anyone know more about them because I have never seen one before. To what Ron was telling me and what the one long time sales men told me, was they where available for the MJs only and the cost about twice the amount the XJ one did. So most people ordered the XJ one not thinking the trucks were going to be on the endangered spices list one day.


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Like I said, I have never seen one like it before, But i also have not been looking for it before.

where do you get those headlight covers?? anybody know?

Try Napa the one here had a rack full of different sizes. They were on when I got it.

and that brush guard looks terrible! :ack: take it off, take it off! :D

I kind of like it. Around here I have seen much worse. If it is something rare and MJ I will keep it for project Woodsmen. If it is not Woodsmen will get a ARB sooner then later.

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I say take it off. The headlight guards you can buy a 6 piece (not sure what it includes...) set from scummit. Around me there is a close out warehouse type store that has a HUGE amount of chrome jeep acessories including, but not limited to, thoes headlight guards.





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I picked up a set of mesh headlight covers/stoneguards on ebay for 1.99 + shipping last year. Sprayed them satin black to match the grille and bezels. Each cover comes with four thin metal clips to screw into place. Those clips are stiff and not very flexible, and I broke one just putting everything together the first time. Sure, they look neat but they have to be removed/unclipped everytime the headlights need to be cleaned or wiped down.

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