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Lil' Garage toy.


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For those who might know me, I am a bit weird. Well, a lot weird. And I like the weird and unusual. :nuts:


So... When I decided I wanted a TV in the garage, I had to break out the hunt for the weird. I couldn't have just any TV, so I kept my eyes peeled. Jeep made a Boombox in the late '90's, which had an AM/FM Radio, CD player, and LCD TV. They are pretty rare to find, even more rare to find in working order. Awhile ago, one came up, and I bid on it. Rough shape, no cord, untested. No other nutjob would dare touch it, so I got it for $1.00, plus $17.99 Shipping. Well, long story short, I am out $18.99, and have no boombox.




So, fast forward to when it was the worst possible time for one to come up, (when I had no monies), and here one is. Tested, working with power cord. I watched it for awhile, and at the last day, it was at $114 + shipping. No big deal, but I knew I wanted it, so I just figured I would throw a high number at it, so if anyone tried to nip away at the auction, they would get discouraged and give up. So, in went the bid for $210 at the last minute. Let me tell you, there is still a dent in the table from where my jaw hit it when the page refreshed. $202.50, and it was mine. As Will (whowey) said it while we were talking, "I don't know what surprises me more, the fact that you were willing to pay $200 for it, or that someone else was." Ha. Ha.


Anywho, I got it all hooked up, and ready to turf into the garage. Enjoy. :popcorn:






Its a nice little unit. The speakers are under the grilles at each end, its "water-resistant" and has rubber gaskets over all the doors, and the lid, as well as an old looking WWII tread style rubber bottom. The tuner looks like an old gauge from a Willys. The antenna stores in the bottom, and there's a port on the back for it too, if you want to use the radio while its raining and keep the lid shut. The TV isn't all that big, but I am really supposed to be working on the Jeep in there anyway, so its more or less to listen in, and grab a quick minute or two whole sitting at the box looking over tools/schematics. It works for what I need out of it.


Recently, another one came up, untested, with no cord. I won that one also, but for a LOT less. $24 plus shipping. So once I get a cord sourced for that, I am going to toss it up in working order (I hope) or have another box for parts.


Looking back at the whole mess, I could have used that $200 at Wally world, and bought one mean little LCD TV to hang in the garage, but hey, thats just not my style.


Rob L. :roll:

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I have my USED and ABUSED Jeep boombox like that, but in black with a cassette player instead of a LCD TV. I ran into some problems with it 6 years ago.

1. CD player quit working

2. The radio "tune" knob broke and would not change the station, fixed this with Krazy Glue

3. Antenna jack broke and could no longer receive signal. Used one of those old Cassette adapters that you could plug into your mp3 player to still get music out of the boombox.

4. Speakers blew


Now it sits in the garage. I want to gut it and install a black piece of plastic where the original knobs/cd/cassette used to be. Then stick a factory Jeep radio in their, upright and wire it to new speakers/12v power source. Then take a YJ or TJ antenna mount and place it on the side of the box and use a factory Jeep antenna to receive tunes from the airwaves.

Image Not Found

Image Not Found


I also have this Jeep Lantern/TV combination:


TV is black and white, everything but the clock works 100% (needs a new battery). It sits in a closet at my folks place. I think they pulled it out a few years ago when an ice storm knocked out the power for a week.

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Well Rob, you motivated me... Sounds familiar (MJ RC... :fs2: )


I started gutting my Jeep boombox. Yuck. Pulled out my Rubis OEM radio and located the pinouts. My plan is to install 4 speakers, two in the standard location, then two more on the new face plate.


A quick rendition of my idea.

Image Not Found

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