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Is This Normal?

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No it is not normal. I have an '87 too and it runs like it did when I bought it in '87. It may be one of the many sensors in the engine. If it is dialed in correctly, it will run smooth as silk.


I had a rough idle problem about a year ago. I couldnt rememeber what was done to fix it so I searched for the post. Here is a snipit from that post:


I took the comanche into the shop (yes, the dealer ). It has been running very well except for at idle. Then it was a little rough. I already replaced quite a bit. Rotor, plugs, wires, iac motor, o2 sensor, injectors cleaned. I was really running out of ideas. I was able to request a guy that had a 4.0 and worked there for a long time. He replaced the EGR valve and a solenoid vacuum switch whatever that is. It is smooth as silk now.

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