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Headlights shut off

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Hello all,

When I was driving the MJ the other day and I was just cruising listening to tunes jamminz.gif (it was about 9 at night) I turned a cornor and about maybe a minute later, all my lights shut off. I panicked and pushed the switch in and pulled it back out and they turned on again. They stayed on for the rest of the 5 minutes I had to drive...


They turned off about 20 minutes from starting to drive (if that makes since). I got to my destination I got out sat around for a little bit and on the way home, about 20 minutes into my drive, all the lights went out again... What is the problem??



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Check under the dash near the headlamp switch and see if you have one of these plugged in. It's the headlamp delay module and if it's bad can cause the headlamps to go out randomly. The fix; replacement or just unplug it and forget about it.


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Or your headlight switch may be getting tired.


There is no fuse for the headlights. The switch has a circuit breaker built into it, and the circuit breakers can get weak. If that turns out to be the problem, what will happen is the length of "run" time with headlights will get progressively shorter. The fix is just to replace the headlight switch.

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