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Rubicon Express Lower Control Arm Axle Bracket.. PLEASE HELP

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so here's the story.. one day out of no where i hit the brakes and my truck pulled to the left pretty hard and my truck was bouncing. I got out and noticed that my driver side lower control arm bracket that mounts on the front axle rusted off. I read somewhere that the Rubicon Express axle bracket would work for reconnecting the old control arm. I did notice that the bushings are very dry rotted and cracked but i did not order new bushings. Now when i put the Rubicon Express bracket next to the control arm they don't seem to match up( control arm bushings are approx. 1/4 inch wider. So my question is, if i get the Rubicon Express Bushings would those fit on my stock control arm and stilll match up with the axle bracket so i can repair my truck. I am a very busy person and I need my truck everyday for school or work. So recently ive been driving without using the brakes so i have been downshifting to stop. I am afraid that more will break if i continue to do this so any help at all is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE REPLY :bowdown:

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Running an inverted three link set up now. :eek:

The RE bracket will work with stock or aftermarket bushing/joints. Sometime the brackets are just sprung in, or out a little when new. Make a wedge out of a piece of wood and spread the bracket out the the right width (with a BFH), then install, or vice versa.

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