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steering stabilizer?

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I am no mechanic but I would say absolutely no relationship whatsoever. A steering stabilizer is nothing but a shock absorber for your steering. It absorbs bumps and keeps them from traveling up to the steering wheel. It does not keep anything from rubbing (unless of course something is bent).

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when i turn its almost like the tire are rubbing and i can't turn sharp.. at all. is this my steering stabilizer?


It sounds like something in the front end is busted, the steering stabalizer has nothing to do with turning.


The first thing I would do is make sure nothing got loose under there, like the plastic inner splash guard.


If everything is still connected and not interfeering with turning, lift up each corner and shake the wheel at the 12 and 6 o'clock position and 3 and 9 o'clock position. If the wheel is loose, then have someone shake it when you are under to see what's loose. The other thing you can do is look underneath and have someone violently shake the wheel (about 30 degrees from center, back and forth) and see if any of the tie rods or drag link ends are loose.

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whats your tire size? it could be your lower control arm if your running 31" tires on a stock lift. hope that was a help




You could be rubbing with 30's if you have stock wheels too. I know I did on my XJ. Sounds to me like that's your problem. So crank your wheels as far as you can to one side and then crawl under there (you'll want to do this with the truck blocked or in park) and look at where the tire sits. Is it up against the control arm? Anything else blocking/rubbing on the tire. Are there shiny spots on the lower arm.

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