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1977 F-150 HP D44, two 9" rearends , 6 rims for sale (WI)


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I have a 1977 F-150 HP D44, two 9" rearends and 6 rims plus more for sale.


Reason for selling is I have just be down lately since I sold my XJ and MJ. Now I have to pay a ton of doctors bills since I broke my ankle and tibia.


So here goes.


The F-150 HP Dana 44 has weld on wedges and 1/2" wall axle tubes. It is a complete disc brake axle from lockout to lockout, has 3.54 gears, with a 5 on 5.5" bolt pattern and a 1310 yoke.


I will also throw in all my spare D44 spare parts I have.


Included is two matching 3.50 geared 9" rear axles that are 65" wide and have the 5 on 5.5" bolt pattern.


One has a good solid housing, good axle shafts and gears/pig but no brakes.


The other has a rusty housing, a good open pig(third member), good axles, good brake backing plates. new brakes shoes, new wheel cylinders, new hardware, adjusters and new brake drums.


Also included is six F-150 aluminum rims with four center caps that don't say "Ford"(they have either a black or red round symbol). The other two have empty centers for the the lock outs.


Image Not Found


I can also include four 20 year old 12" wide 32" tall 15" tires to use as rollers(I wouldn't want to drive on them). I can mount these tires up on 4 of the rims so its easier to roll the axles around.



Build one 9" axle with the new brakes then you'll have a spare set of axle shafts and a spare carrier.


Here's the deal I have for you. :D


6 aluminum rims + the hard to find disc brake 1/2" axle tube HP D44 with welded on wedges & all my D44 spare parts + two 9" rear axles for the bottom dollar price of

$500.00 for the combo. Picked up of course.




For an extra $75.00 I'll throw in a 3/8" thick D44 diff cover with the custom located hole for the fill plug since it is a HP axle. The cover was made by a forum member and is very nice. I'll also include a bed mounted spare tire carrier. It holds the tire on it's side at with about a 30 degree angle up and a big spin down retainer for the tire.



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$500.00 for the combo. Picked up of course.



uh, you might want to include a where in there. :thumbsup:





Good point. Pat beat me to it, thanks.


I corrected it in my profile and added it to my original post. :thumbsup:



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