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Newer style cooling

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Hahahaha I took cooling to mean the A/C sorry my bad :oops:


I found this site http://www.jeepair.com/ to be very helpfull on my 1991. Per instructions at jeepair.com I found that it was a good idea to replace the drier, discharge hose, and expansion valves when converting from r12-r134. I opted to have this done by a local garage as I didn't have the facilities to discharge r12 properly. My only regret was buying the new compressor as I thought it was Sanden but was a copy-cat from China.


The new compressor was a tad taller than the old one and it took some getting used to when I was changing the spark plugs nearest the compressor. Overall I am very pleased with the quality of the parts, and the advice from the owner. I am into this about $700 including parts, I know that it was a lot of coin but well worth it.

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I've done the swap on both RENIX rigs. Contrary to the link posted I didn't feel that I had to use "the most expensive" stuff. Didn't think I needed to buy the Hi Flow pump, or the blue hoses. I also didn't have to remove the header panel to remove the radiator. :huh???:


It cost me <$250.00 (each). New 2 row radiator, new OEM water pump, all stock hoses, belt, heater valve, overflow and a cap.


Very simple too. You need to order a 92+ radiator. flush entire system, including heater core, remove radiator, flush core again, then flush the rest. Install pump, t-stat, hoses, heater valve and find a good spot for the overflow. On the XJ I put it right next to the radiator. On the MJ I put up where the old pressure bottle was.


You can plumb the tranny heat exchanger lines (if you have an automatic) normally but I bypassed the radiator loop and just ran it straight thru to an HD cooler. You'll lose the e-fan actuating switch, as there is no bung on the 92+ radiator for it, but I also just put the fan on a manual switch thru the fan relay to the dash (the e-fan will still come on with the A/C or defrost, just not temp actuated) I know there are other options for that.


The whole thing took me about 2 leisurely hours making sure I cleaned everything as I went. Fill with coolant mix and go...

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