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bearings or hub assembly

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I've got an 86 comanche xls, 2.5 tbi with 4x4. I am getting a lot of rubbing noise coming from my front tires. I am assuming its my bearings. Is this a repack the bearings job or are these a sealed unit where the whole hub assembly needs to be bought and replaced?? My wheels really show no play but the noise has to be bearings right?

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The other way (and be smart about this, no blaming me if you hit something!) is if you drive down the roadand turn the wheel to the weight on one corner. If the noise is louder when the weight is put on it, it's most likely a u-joint, if the noise is louder wehn the weight is taken off of it then it's most likely the wheel hub.


It'll be about the same amount of tear down since when you remove the hub, the axle shaft just pulls out.

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