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Rotted rust rockers

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So on my 87 I gave the rocker on the passengers side a swift kick and I went through it. Now I plan on cutting the rockers off to replace them. I remember a while ago somebody posted a website that sold rockers/floor panel for cheap money does anybody kno what that was? If not where I could get new rockers?

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Here's the link for Sherman Parts...

http://shermanparts.com/ecat/base/dropd ... &year=1992


Not sure that they're the cheapest but I've had good luck with them.


I'm installing their replacement floor pans in mine right now. They say they are for a Comanche, but I think they are actually for a Cherokee. They work, but are requiring a little work to make them fit.


Part # 075-40L/R Floor Pan Front section

Part# 075-45L/R Floor Pan Rear section


They also have rockers for the MJ listed... I have not used these... (yet :brows: )


Part # 075-02L/R Rocker Panel


Hope this helps. Keep us posted on what you go with.

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I've gotten factory rockers for MJ's & XJ's, and they were very nice, tapered ft to back like the originals, with bends on the ft end so they fit underneath (behind) the ft fenders.


Then I got generic, aftermarket rockers that were one depth ft to back (so they stuck out too far on the ft), and did not have the bends to tuck in behind the ft fenders.


You can't get factory rockers from Mopar any more :( (I don't know if factory XJ rockers are available), but hopefully some of the aftermarket ones are better quality/fit than the ones I got (sourced from JC Whitney at the time).

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Here's the bend for under the fenders that 'good' rockers should have (XJ's in this pic):


Here's the cheap, generic JC Whitney rockers (XJ's):


Comanche rockers are different from XJ's in that they are closed off on the end (factory rotted piece vs factory replacement rocker):


More shots of the factory Comanche replacement rocker:

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