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I agree, you may actually have the elusive stock 4.56s, but it's more likely to be 4.10s. I'm not sure if they ever put 4.56s in a 2wd :dunno:

If you pull the cover, there will be numbers stamped in the ring gear. This will either have the ratio, or the tooth count on it. For the tooth count, just divide the larger number by the small to get the ratio.


If you don't know when it was done last, it would be a good idea to pull the cover to change the gear oil anyway.

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Thanks guys. That wasnt really what i wanted to hear though.......lol

I was hoping yall would way she has 3:55 or something

She just has NO power at all!! wanted to try to GO to a 4:10 and see some power increase. (because you can find used gears in this range fairly cheap)

guess I'm going to have to aim a little higher......


plan on going through the transmission, pretty sure its gunked up pretty bad and there is a little slip in there too.

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1986 is the wild card. you could still have 3.55s or 3.73s. Gotta check to know for sure.


If you don't want to pull the cover, you could jack up one rear tire (trans in neutral) and rotate the tire around twice while counting the rotations of the driveshaft. if the driveshaft rotates 3 and a half times, it's 3.55. If it does a bit over 4 times, then 4.10s.

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