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Is my engine block toast?!?!


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Just to catch anyone up who hasn't seen my other posts referencing my 87 MJ...


4.0 - 5 spd. 4x4..Replacing rear main seal because I have renamed the truck Exxon Valdez. Had to pull the engine to change the rear main seal because the oil pan was stuck to the bottom of the block. I pulled the engine, transmission and t-case all at once. I finally got the oil pan off by taking a 5-in-1 and gently working it around and around the oil pan. Then took a 3/4" wide chisel and gently worked the remaining gasket off - took about an hour and a half. I have also removed the rear main beaing cap.


Here is why I am asking if the block is fubarred...I was checking everything out and planning the procedure for removing the upper rear main seal when I noticed that the little steel lip, between the seal and the back of the block, has the corner broken off. Since I have announced, in the past, that I am not a mechanic and just learing as I go, is this part of the upper bearing or is this part of the block?


I am assuming - and hoping - it is part of the bearing.


Is this critical? Should I replace the upper bearing or will it be OK? It only looks to be the corner of the keeper.

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