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Squeal at back of engine (vacuum?) VIDEO INCLUDED

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There is a plastic line that goes from the intake to the MAP sensor (on the firewall above the motor) that can crack. (I'm doing this on a phone from Canada so pics aren't easy to link. Search for MAP sensor if you don't know what that is)

If the bolts holding the manifold to the head are loose, the gasket that is supposed to seal between them will allow air past it and the noise will come from the gasket vibrating (like the reed valve in a saxophone)

If the crank position sensor is set too far down, it will touch the flywheel.


Try taking a can of sensor safe cleaner ( for Throttlebody) and spray it around that area a bit at a time (not when the motor is very hot though!) and listen for any changes in the motor running or the sound. That's how you find vacuum leaks.


Oh! There is also a valve in the cap of the throttle body that can make noise when it gets gummed up. You'll feel the vibes with your fingers (just avoid really hot areas!)

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