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hood vents


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They should run at 210, the vents will drop engine BAY temperature, as long as your cooling system is working properly you should never have an issue unless you're driving in extreme temperatures. The temperature of the engine itself is controlled by the thermostat.





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Here's all you need to know about hood vents, including the ZJ vents I had for awhile: http://gojeep.willyshotrod.com/HowtoBonnetVents.htm


But none of them lower the enging compartment as well as a cowl hood.


whats a "cowl hood"? And thanks 4 that link very informational.

Btw i live in FL so its all ways rly hot and if I'm out weeling i can over heat about 45% of the time do to hot temp, low speeds, and running at high rpms for a long time.



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whats a "cowl hood"?


The back of the hood is raised up about 2-3 inches. It's built (moulded) that way so there is a vent space at the rear of the hood at the windshield (AKA screen). Look at the last 2 pics on that site. Check out a Ford Ranger "Edge". They have a pseudo cowl.


That's a cowl hood, and IMHO it looks great. Makes the front end look beefier and apparently works well. Kind of spendy but you won't have to worry about water, or snow (in Florida??).

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