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Jefferson Swap Meet Sept 24-26th - Jefferson, WI

500 MJ

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I'm going to revive our dead Great Lakes Adventure Planning Forum and post this up.


The Jefferson Swap meet is something that we have all met at in the past and hopefully will be able to do again this year. I'm planning on being there all day on Saturday. Bring LOTS of cash for the flea market!


http://www.madisonclassics.com/car-show ... ferson.php

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So there you go Rob, you come here and do your thing, she goes there and does her thing... :brows:


I was hoping to do some parts swapping and reimbursing you some $$$ for the stuff you got for me there. If you can't make it on Saturday then we need to come up with a good time sometime else to swap this stuff, next weekend is wide open for me...

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