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need help choosing some stuff

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i need to get some things for my trucks.

both trucks have the 2.5" spacers on the coils..fyi

for the 88,

air shocks for front and back


for the 92,

some nice shocks..front and back..maybe ranchos...the stockies are crappy ride..topping out i think

rear spacers so my rear wheels match my front

finally, i need some 31x10.5-r15s....I'm looking for mickeys or aggressive looking tires


oh yeah, i also need a 15x8 ravine rim

any suggestions or comments.links would be appreciated.



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Ive been wondering about Pitbull tires for a while... if they are worth going for. They make a real nice looking very aggressive all-terrain I like. here's the link. Not sure about prices... also, its 31-11.50x15 instaed of 10.50... not sure if that would be a big deal or not.




edit.... found prices, and they do make a 10.50


http://www.4wheelerssupply.com/catalog/ ... 68_516_526


http://www.4wheelerssupply.com/catalog/ ... 68_516_723

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