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1986 Comanche 2WD 2.5 to 4.0 HO

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This truck had been sitting in the woods behind my house since 2001,

I really didn't plan on doing anything with it since it was a 4cylinder and really kinda thought it would be rusted out by now.

But it has very little rust. Only 2 small holes in the passenger floor. I had planned to swap a diesel nissan engine in but I have had some second thoughts about the performance.

Instead I have a wrecked 94 cherokee 4.0 HO 2WD that is going to be the donor for the swap.

The complete dash and wiring also being swapped.

I'm getting lots of pics and details as I go.

Here's where I have some pics of it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/red4911/

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Be aware the firewall might need tweaked with a BFH to clear a 4.0, and the radiator supports have to be swapped as well.


You are also going to have to somehow splice your rear wiring harness to the dash one and swap instrument cluster and vehicle speed sensor.

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Thanks for the info. You're right about the firewall. I have the engine and trans bolted in and the trans clears fine. I will have to modify the firewall a little right behind the exhaust manifold flange. I should only have to beat a small spot in about an inch or so. also the trans cross member will have to move back some and a driveshaft will have to be shortened

As for the wiring harness I am using the whole 94 cherokee harness dash and under hood as well as the steering column and complete dash with cluster, heater,A/C box. I will have to adapt the harness for the rear lights and fuel pump. This is the easy part for me since I work on automotive electrical. I will have to cut a couple of new holes through the firewall for the trans wiring harness and the shifter cable. I will be using the 94 radiator supports bottom and top and hood. I'm sure i'm in for many more obstacles. :mad:

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Another setback today. I decided to replace all the seals, gaskets and t-chain on what seemed to be a perfect running engine with 227000 miles but after removing the valve cover and oil pan I found it full of sludge. I've never seen such a mess. I then removed the rod caps and the bearings are shot. I'm amazed that it ran so well and had great oil pressure.

So I will be rebuilding it now.

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