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one of life's little lessons...

Pete M

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don't lose your receipt to NAPA. :doh:


the front doors to a NAPA store are like a time machine (in more ways than one if you live in a small town) that transports you back to an era before computers. I hate them so very very much.


"sorry sir, we can't look up your lifetime warranty on those brakepads. You'll need your receipt."



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I'm used to Autozone. Buy a distributor cap, rotor, plug wires and plugs in Atlanta because you're missing at least one cylinder 650 miles from home. Then back home the warranty information is available at your local store because they use a central DB.


So I get a lifetime warranty alternator from Advance in Dover, and need it replaced under warranty in Garrettsville. Sorry, we have no warranty records under your phone number, are you sure you bough it here?


After I explained I was more than an hour from home and didn't have my receipt with me, they were nice enough to call my home store and ask for the information. I have since learned to carry my Advance receipts with me on wheeling trips. Of course that didn't help me last time when the alternator went out at 6:52pm on a Sunday when Advance is 15 minutes away and closes at 7pm. Than again, an alternator failing because it's filled with mud is not a warranty issue anyway.


The only reason I like NAPA is because they do have a few parts Advance and Auto Zone don't, and they are a block and a half from my house, as opposed to the next town over where the others are. And for little parts paying a bit more is cheaper than gas and 30 more minutes of my time to go somewhere else.

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