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Noob looking for some knowledge

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Just brought my project Comanche home, Noob for sure, have tons of questions...

88' Jeep Comanche, 8" long arm, on 35" BFG KM2's

bilstein shocks front and rear, Steele Braided brake lines

upgraded Aluminum radiator with 3 electric fans

k&n intake, flow master exhaust, Tom Woods driveline

Slip yoke eliminator, Pugeot Tranny, Cherokee Console

stock front and rear axles, gettin yanked soon though

open difs, and stock gears, kinda sluggish at the moment, just don't want to dump any money into these axles so will wait and gear and locker the next set, prolly d60 rear and d44 front, or d60 front and rear

i swapped the mirrors from a newer Cherokee, looks and function for 14$ at the pullapart, gauge cluter also from newer Cherokee all gauges work so far.

well here she is any advice is welcome

oh yeah i also cleaned all the black trim and painted the tail lights gave her that bling factor.

LOvin her so far instant Comanche fan.. I've got some plans at the moment but could use some advice. Want to het rid of the pugeot tranny and axles, but what is a good set up to replace these with I thought d60 front and rear but what tranny would be a good strong match, truck is light daily driver but will eventually be a trailer rig, want to cage it and really do some cool things to make it as bullet proof as possible. Please advise

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Welcome to the club! :thumbsup:


Wow, someone put all that money into it without upgrading the tranny!?! Your easy choice is the AX-15, however I don't know how it handles the D60's, someone else can chime in on that. The AX-15 is almost bolt in, you just need to collect some parts from newer rigs. There are a couple DIY's for it. Look for the 93+ bellhousing for the external slave.

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Welcome !!! :cheers:


For your Pugeo swap, find a Cherokee 4x4 same year of your truck.



Will the original tranny handle 35's and dual d60's?, this is gonna be a sometime driver but mainly offroad rig I need strength and durability and what was originally in the Comanche for a tranny? Thinking about the 4.7 stroker also or maybe larger, again I'm a noob so advice is welcome and appreciated. Thank guys!

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welcome! :wavey: nice truck! :bowdown:


specific tech questions should go in the tech forum so more people will see them and also so that them and the answers will be in the search database. this forum is more for braggin' about what you do as you go along and for us to ask you about your truck. :thumbsup:

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Made a couple upgrades in the last couple weeks, swapped mirrors out for some newer xj mirrors, cleaned up all my trim and gave it a fresh coat of black paint, doesnt look brand new but looks pretty darn good. and also wanted to add a subwoofer, the comanche came with a decent stereo and component speakers but needed some bass, not alot just alittle :brows: , ive got a set 10" mtx 8500 and a JL audio 500/1v2, i wanna put in my comanche and later a JL 300/4 for the components, prolly doesnt need it, but Metallica sounds so much better with a nice subwoofer to knock your eyes loose. Dilemma was the space, i needed around a cubic foot internal air space for the sub enclosure per woofer, so i think I'm only gonna use 1, and you all know there isnt a whole lot of room in a comanche cab, i drew up a few plans and took a ton of measurements, looked at all options in position of speaker and amplifier, and here's what i came up with, hope you guys like it...here's the link to the album on photobucket, ive been having so much trouble load pics here i didnt get many up, a couple more here if your interested


start of the sub enclosure


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