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Anybody here with a cage?

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I'm finaly getting around to building my internal cage for the Mj. I have a few questions I'd like to get solved before I dive into contruction tho. I'm having a hard time with frame tie in locations due to the small interiors of an Mj. Whats the best way to tie in a cage to the unibody? What would be the correct size tube to be using? I was thinking 1.75 but I want to make sure before I buy it and find out I got the wrong thing.


Thanks guys

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I used 1.5" for mine. I bought the interior portion of the cage from D&C Extreme. It is a good starting point, but its their XJ cage, so the front half still needs a little modification done. I added some extra tube to it.


To tie it in, the rear portion of it lands right over the 'frame rails' and I used 1/8" steel for feet plates. The front bars come down and have 1/8" feet plates as well. Then under the truck, I used another foot plate against the floor, and dropped a piece of tube down to the support arm of my rock rails.


I don't have any good pics online





Then for the roll bar portion of it, I attached the down bars to my rock rails. And then the rear down bars go through the wheel wells down to the frame.


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I welded my rollbar to a bracket that was in turn welded to a plate that was welded to the frame. The plate spreads out the load on what is really just sheetmetal.




and my rocker guards (which actually go through the frame and are welded to plates on both sides):


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