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Any clutch replacement tips?

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I'm just starting on my clutch replacement on my 91 4.0L ax15 and I've done one on a YJ before. I figured eh, what the hell I might as well post up and see if anyone has some useful tips to make the job easier. I'm gonna go start doing it now that it cooled off a bit, but I'll get updates on the thread on my phone so keep em coming if you don't mind.

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Don't make the same mistake I did, and use a regular wrench on the clutch line flare. Use a flare wrench instead. :wall:


Make sure you properly bleed the clutch line. You'll need a helper to work the clutch pedal.


While you're replacing the Clutch Master Cylinder, don't let any fluid drip inside the cab. The fuse box is directly below the CMC, and brake fluid is corrosive.

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Remove the CPS before the tranny is pulled, replaced last after the tranny is installed to prevent damage.

Replace the two "stupid" torkx bolts at the top of the bellhousing with "real" bolts. They are a direct replacement than can be gotten from most auto parts or hardware stores.

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