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is a tj d30 a direct bolt in?

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It should bolt in but it would be a downgrade versus your stock one.


the TJ should be a low pinion 30,it also should have a shorter nose section.


They also have straight gears and we have reverse cut gears so the gears won't even swap.

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To answer you question, YES as each of these axles (Lo Pinion TJ D30 and hi pinion MJ D30) left the factory they are completely interchangeable.


As stated, its a slightly weaker axle with a lower pinion. Only a consideration if your running big tires and wheeling it. Just a 4WD with med sized tires running class 6 roads you will be just fine with it.



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X2 on all above. For 100 bucks it's a pretty good deal especially if you are not going to be putting oversize tires on it or lifting it significantly (LP have more driveshaft angle problems than HP when you lift due to the lower pinion.)

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