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Where to obtain a replacement radio antenna assembly?

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Anyone know where I could obtain a replacement radio antenna assembly for a MJ?


Could always go to the junk yard, but it'll probably be rusted, and possibly a :grrrr: to get out. I'd prefer a new one.


My MJ never had an antenna. It used to have a black plastic cover for the antenna hole, which easily fell out, and my dad replaced with...white caulking....




On a related note, does anyone know of a good method of removing an extremely large glob of caulking without damaging the surrounding metal?

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The direct replacement antenna would be this Metra 44-CR72. You can buy this any most parts stores. Just a heads up though, it's from China and very cheaply made. I put one on my Comanche and I am still on the look out for a better made product. Metra used to make awesome products and I am dissapointed with this one, but it's the only option new.





http://www.google.com/products?q=metra+ ... hl=en&aq=f

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Junkyard. Be very careful, try a few times and you'll get one out in decent shape.


As for getting the caulking out, use a bit of plastic stock cut to the right size, or see if you can get a plastic prybar/poking stick thingy from an auto glass installer, the last guy who replaced a window for me gave me a couple because I helped him install the glass, would have been a real pain with only two hands. You don't need to get it all out, just most of it, since it's soft rubber you should be able to just jam the antenna assembly back in and it'll either scrape the rest out or compress it enough.

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This guy on e-bay is selling them for a whopping 99 cents :eek:


(But gets ya on the shipping) :fs1:


I bought a couple from him last year and have in stock........just in case :roll:


http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... MEWAX%3AIT


If he don't post any new ones up, check the other listing for a new one, it's not worth getting one out of the JY, as most of the ones I've seen, the plastic base is broken off.

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The Dealer doesn't have any more in stock, I called and they checked the entire country's stock.


If I could get a OEM one I would they will be way better than any aftermarket.


So if anyone runs across these please shoot me a heads up too!

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