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bed side fender trimming

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I tried searching, but no luck.


I'm going to trim my fenders to fit bigger tires, and was wondering if anyone had trimmed the inner piece of sheet metal out of the bed.


I also was unsuccessful at finding a picture.


It looks to me like the in-board section of the rear inner wheelwell is single-thickness. However, it appears that the outer section is comprised of a top (visible from inside the bed) section and a bottom (only visible inside the wheelwell) section. I'm thinking of cutting that bottom section out entirely so I can go higher on my trimming and thus, clear bigger tires.


Will I end up with structural issues from doing this? Anyone do this and have any real-world experiance from living with this mod?



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going for 33s or 35s on a simple spring over. Preferably eventually 35s, but for the time being likely just 33s


I want to keep it low, but spring-over (which is higher than I'd wanted) is the affordable option to me right now

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I had heard 4.5-5.5 inches, depending on what pack was in there, what axle you were using, etc.


I know on my 88 with 6.5 inches, I still had to trim the bottom corners of the rear wheelwells to keep the tires from hitting at full stuff.


I was hoping to keep this one lower than my '88, and still clear bigger tires.


On the 88 I went with Alcan springs, and they worked awesome on- and off- road, but it wouldn't carry a load anymore- not like the stock leafs did. On this one I was willing to give up some flex and ride (as well as save money) by just going spring over, but I was really hoping to end up at more like 4.5 inches of lift.


I know I can swap an XJ shackle in it and lose some height, but that alone won't get me from 6 to 4.5. I know I could pull the leafs apart and mix and match there, but I really like the leaf pack's performance as-is now.

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well I'm jacking that thread up because its the same topic


I wanna cut my rear wheel fender so it's easyer to fix and I saw some pics of what you guys did


some people went and cut 2'' up and some 3''

I wanna cut just over the lip wich will give a rough 2'' kinda like this


but my main question is what did you guys do for the part of the flare that recces near the bottom of the bed

same with the front

like this :

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