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are these related?

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Sometimes the ground strap from the block to firewall can be the culprit, especially if it is mucked up.

Jeep ran the chassis ground through the block then to the firewall. Bad idea.

Some guys run a separate chassis ground from the battery to the fender, circumventing the block to chassis ground. Be aware you still need that ground though (engine).

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I'm not sure where the factory one is. I ran a new wire from the battery to the metal part of the dash above the drives feet. If I remember right, I was having trouble right after installing an aftermarket radio (which was asking for lots more juice).

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Another thing to check, turn heater fan on, check for voltage at the heater motor. If you have voltage, then probably a ground issue, no voltage, then power supply issue.


You can unplug the heater motor at the bulkhead (under the pressure bottle if Renix) to check for voltage.

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