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Swing-away spare tire/fuel can mount

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I recently obtained what appears to be a WWII Willys Jeep gas can. It was in my Grandfather's basement for a long time. He was an Army Jeep Mechanic, and served in Normandy.


Combine this with the fact that I need a full size spare tire mount, and I think I've got a new project (although it might be a while till I can actually start on it, due to funding).


I'm thinking about trying to build or adapt a swing-away tire mount/fuel can mount for the tailgate of my MJ.

A cross between

http://www.jk-forum.com/showthread.php? ... re-carrier


http://www.willys-mb.co.uk/images/jeep- ... 8-A1-1.jpg


Kind of a way to pay homage to the original Jeep.


But I still want the mount to swing away, so I can still lower the tailgate.


I figure probably reinforce under/around the right taillight and bolt the mount to there.


Anyone ever try anything like this before? Success stories? Horror stories? Any pointers?


Just throwing around ideas for now. If the project appears unfeasible or too expensive, I'll probably just abandon it.

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why not mount it in your bed?? you do have a truck not a cherokee or a wrangler

I'm trying to avoid losing any bed space, as I do haul stuff with the truck quite frequently.



i would build a Headache rack that sits with your rear window to mount the tire and fuel can there

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