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power steering cooler

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I'm looking at running a PS cooler on my truck. If I get barb fittings coming into/out of the cooler and use flex line and hose clamps, will that work, or is there enough pressure on the return side of the pump to blow the hoses off the cooler? I know that there is 1000+ PSI in the exiting side of the pump, but I'm not sure of how much pressure is on the return side after it passes through the box.

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I run a Hayden tranny cooler on the power steering, available at most auto parts stores. It's a must if you run a front locker on the trail.




I finally stopped scorching power steering fluid when I went to a Hayden 24,000BTU tranny cooler and synthetic power steering fluid.


You may also want to wire your auxillary fan with an on/off switch to assist in the cooling at slower speeds.

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First, I am going to try using the trans cooler in my radiator. It should keep the fluid cool enough, and if it doesn't, I'll look into an auxiliary cooler. All the other techs at my shop think it should work as well as a few Jeep techs I have talked to about it. We'll see.... :D

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