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The MJ will be coming off the road to get its lift soon and I want to make sure I have everything.


I have 4.5" spring packs from hellcreek, will I need shims? This will be my first lift Ive done, but it seems to me that because it is spring under I won't need them. Am I wrong here? Does it not make a difference if it is SU or SO when it comes to shims?


Also, do I need to bolt everything up loose and then put weight on it before tightening everything down? Should the DS be installed before tightening the u bolts?

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I used 2.5-degree shims when I installed the MT springs Jim determined with an angle finder during the spring install. Install the new leaf packs under the axle with the front bolt and rear shackle bolt snugged, then lower the axle down and line up and install the center pins. Install and snug up the U-bolts. Lower it down, jump up and down on the rear bumper, then do the pinion angle measurement with your angle finder. I needed to raise the pinion up 2.5 degrees to look directly at the tranny (in your case the TC) -1 to offset the diff pinion raising up during acceleration. So the shim wedge is pointing to the rear. Only use steel shims drilled for the exact size of the center bolt. Aluminum shims are cheaper but crumble up over time - don't use them. Here's a good site that shows how measure the pinion angle and they also make steel leaf spring shims. http://www.4crawler.com/4x4/ForSale/Shims.shtml HTH. :cheers:

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I don't remember any mention of shims from the guys that installed full packs. :dunno: Just be sure to replace those U-joints. :thumbsup:


You mean u bolts?


both really. U-joints don't like it when you change their operating angles and it can cause vibes.

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