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Emergency brake pedal not working..

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Hi all,


Since i bought my MJ the emergency brake pedal does not work, I took it off to take a look at it ant it seems that the teeth from the toothed wheel are no good any more, does the emergency brake pedal from another truck like a ranger or a dakota can replace the one on my mj without any modification?




Best regards :hmm:

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YJ jeeps have a similar set up brake pedal, but it may take a little fab to mount it up, but from what Ive seen it wouldnt take much. The factory still carries these new too as there was a recall on them. Did one recently is the only reason I know. Might be a reasonable alternative if you can't find a good used one.

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FYI - The emergency brake still works, in that you can use it in an emergency should your regular brakes fail.


The brake simply won't function as a parking brake.


I normally park my MJ on level ground, so I haven't bothered fixing it. However, you've got my curiosity peaked now, and I may have to take a look at mine and see how hard it is to swap out.


I used to drive an old Ford F250 which had a similar brake pedal. I might take a trip to the local junkyard and see if it looks compatible.

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Are the teeth worn down, or is the problem just that the mechanism is dirty and the locking pawl doesn't engage the teeth properly? Usually, the problem is just gunk, and if the pedal assembly is removed, thoroughly cleaned, and then reinstalled it'll work fine.

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