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Is a 2wd 4.0L still capable o/r?

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I just recently bought an 88' comanche I love it thus far, but I have to use it as my dd to college everyday. I work all around town and haul an occasional load of rocks and mulch. so i know i will get plenty of use out of this puppy, but i do want to offroad it without having to go hardcore because I want to fix the rust and dents and currently i can not sink money into a conversion. I do however need new tires so i am open to suggestion. do you think i could still take it o/r i live about a half hour away from Haspin so i would really like to take advantage of it especially because my brother has a hardcore rock crawler this thing is pretty sweet. but i don't have the pocket for that... so any ideas tips and suggestions from the pros?

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ok great that all valuable information now if i lock the rear end what is the difference between the spline count and what would you recommend?

saving money i wouldn't worry about going full-case locker with gears/axles.


get you a lock-rite or an aussie (lunchbox locker) these have 1-2hr DIY install times, are full locked when throttle is applied and unlock under light loads, even if the d35 gets thrown out, or junked this locker will still be worth money used to someone else.

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Okay, up here in canada cherokee's are a dime a dozen I got a decent one for $500 dollars, so for my crazy southern off road friends it should be easier. Try to find a Cherokee with the same tranny, if that is not possible, at least find one with the same year.


I stripped:




Tranny (Now a Spare)

T-Case (Now a Spare, 231)

Rear Axle

2 Front Doors (Now Spare)

Front Axle

Bush Lights


Flooring (Gonna need that eventually)


Air box


Throttle Body


(Need I go on)



Advantages of buying and stripping a cherokee:


The front axle should be the same gear ratio as your rig, all you do is unbolt your axle, slide in the donor axle. Unbolt the tranny, bolt up the Cherokee Tranny/T-Case, hook up front driveshaft and have your old one cut to spec (which you can find here on the site).


Its so easy, I am talking copy and paste, all it takes is time my friend.


The extra parts and nic nacks you get from the Cherokee should keep you wheeling for awhile. Trust me, I did it in the middle of winter.


PM if you have more questions.

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I'm assuming its 2wd by you wanting to do a conversion? If it is, a lot of people say that a 2wd with a locker is more capable then an open 4wd, so that may also be something to look into


I haven't gotten stuck yet with my 2wd Auburn equipped Colorado. However, I never mudded it, and one time I was in some very boggy grass and nearly lost all my steering before I got out of it(after diving in on purpose). I then took the Jeep, and I had about 50% mroe steering in 4WD. So it certainly does help. ;) If it had been mud, I think the Rado woulda ended up stuck, and it was mostly flat.



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