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Driver side lower control arm

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Yet another problem... But I'll call it an opportunity. I've got my 6 inch lift on with 35 inch tires. For some reason when I turn all the way left my tire rubs on my lower control arm... like pretty bad. I've already trimmed back the control arm a little bit but it's still rubbing really hard.


Do you guys think I can beef up my left control arm like crazy on the right side of it and maybe the top of it a little bit and cut a hunk out of the left side so my tire doesn't rub anymore? I can't afford the round tubing adjustable's.


Any ideas and previous mistakes made are greatly appreciated.

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is your axle centered under the jeep? if so then you should rub on both sides when turned. trimming the lca's is a bad idea they are already fairly weak with all of the metal there. center the axle then adjust the stops like pete said. or don't turn so far.

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you center the axle by adjusting the trackbar.




please tell me that you have aftermarket control arms in there...


trimming them is bad enough if they're aftermarket. if they're stock, trimming them is a terrible idea and they're gonna break. if they're stock, then you need to buy some things for it before you ever even drive it again.

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