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Electrical question about fog lights

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I'm not much of an electrically savy person. I was wondering if anybody out there knows the dos and don'ts of aftermarket lights on factory wiring. What type of wattage or whatever might be too much for the factory wiring? Thanks for any tips! :cheers:

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I do not know the limits of the electrical system

but here are a few links I have found while repairing the lights of my MJs




Electrical Manual --> viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12734


Head light up grade that can be modded for fog lights --> http://gojeep.willyshotrod.com/HowtoHeadlightLoom.htm




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ive got 2 100w spot lamps, but i used my own wiring and did it myself, i also have 2 not road legal lights rear facing that I'm not sure of the wattage but they are F'n bright... tailgaters love em'


Edit: i can run them all at the same time with the regular lights on too, just make sure your not driving real slow

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12v from batt to switch then wire form switch to lights. they will be brighter since there straight off of the batt

This is bad advice for two reasons:


1) Electrically, lights (especially high wattage auxiliary lights) should always be run through a relay to alleviate burning out the switch contacts. You also neglected to mention a fuse.


2) Legally, fog lights have to be wired so they can ONLY operate with the parking lights or low-beam headlights on. They MUST turn off automatically when the high beams are activated.

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