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TINY video camera...


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Today I was leafing thru old mags looking on what to toss and I ran across this article in ON THE WATER about picture and video cameras. This little.. no TINY EPIC Stealth cam really caught my eye!!




Its small, water proof, light, simple to use, works on AAA batteries and films to a SD card... Best part is available for less than 100 clams!!


I just ordered one off EBay!! Looks like just the ticket for the dash of the jeep or to check out what the suspension is doing off road. If your a fisherman/hunter for the rod/bow to film the action first hand!!


Does anyone have one and what do you think?



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I have seriously been considering one of the wireless back up cameras for an under carriages spotter. At Advance they have one on display, and the picture is really clear. Plus they are around 100 bucks. Sure you can't record, but that is not important to me since I don't do video stuff.

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