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Different leaf spring types?

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I am curious about the various options of leaf springs that have been available in the MJ's...


I had an 89 4x4 shortbed (4.0, ax15, 231, 'sport truck') that had the three leaf pack with large, flat overload bottom.


My dad currently has an 88 4x4 longbed (4.0, BA10-5, np, Pioneer) that has a 4 leaf pack without the large overload bottom spring.


I know the Metric Ton packs were a 5 leaf...


And I hear reference ferquently to 2wd packs.


My question is, what, specifically are the differences? Safe to assume that all packs are 2.5 wide, 57" long, and 26/31 split. Is there any info on spring rates? Are certain packs arched higher or lower? Is there any difference between 2wd and 4wd packs?


Lastly, can we do a pic roundup in this thread of each type of spring pack that was available? I would love to be able to identify on the fly...

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2wd and 4wd trucks have a 1" height difference from the factory, so 2wd leafs will have less arch. Leaf count is the same.


Big Tons had entirely different packs, either with 4 evenly spaced leafs (plus overload), or with 2 bigger leafs on the bottom.

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Correct, but our 88 has a 4 leaf pack without overload...


I will try to snap some pics this week to post up. Very strange.

Did you buy it new? I have NEVER heard of an MJ that came from the factory without that massive overload leaf.

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