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what's the best way to clean carpet?

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Not that you may care...but you can by a direct fit formed new carpet for $125.00. I did when I pulled mine out...I was going to clean it and then decided for all the work to get it out I would replace it.

Now is also a good time to think about adding noise and heat shielding if you care. I did it to my MJ and what a world of difference. Not saying you should as money may be an issue but....that jute pad they use is almost wortlhless for heat and noise. Even just a foil backed pad will cut the heat.

On my MJ the heat off of the tranny tunnel was hot on my right leg and annoying. I used a noise and heat barrier on the tunnel and killed that for good.

Better now that...wish I shoulda-coulda-woulda.

Sreiously you guys have no idea how good it is until you put a quality noise barrier and heat foil pad down and chuck the worthless jute OEM pad.


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