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AX-15? and what a find

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Quick question, back to my projects and started hitting the JYs, found an 95 TJ with an AX-15 tranny, tranfer case gone with a 21 spline output shaft, external slave, is this the tranny i want for my comanche? its a 1988 with the puegot which has second gear clicking like crazy, i know i read somewhere that the 231 TC in the 88 won't work unless spline count is the same but i don't know yet, any help would be appreciated. I also had an awesome find which i have been searching for for quite some time,I heard that they were rare but I found an 87 comanche with the MT pkg and rear D44 so of course i will snag that for 200 bucks pulled and placed in my truck. Should i get the springs or anything else, Transfer case, ETC this is also for the 88 that the AX-15 is for, and i am also searching for a front axle for this truck what i have read is the 30 is weak unless shafts and joints are replaced, so what should i look for and what vehicle should i get it from, i found several with disc brakes and was going to put in the 8.8 rear but the 44 is a good find from what people here are saying, but i am stuck on which front axle. I will be running 35x12.50 and hit moab regularly. Thanks in advance

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