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Unwanted contact(steering)

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I went for a test drive today offroad and had some horrible noise! Back home on Jack stands to investigate found at full droop the drag link makes major contact with the sway bar discos. I had done alot of research before lifting the mj but this issue somehow got by me. So with some research I've found a couple solutions:



1st: weld relocation bracketsfor sway bar discos on axle cost under $40


2nd: upgrade steering from motion offroad cost $250


3rd: ask the rest of you folks what to do?


I'm sure someone has the knowledge on here or personal experience of this situation.

Thanks Chris :hmm:

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A long time ago I encountered the same problem.


I took the draglink off the vehicle and I heated it up with my acetylene torch and gave it a slight bend to clear everything. It worked fine for the next 5 months until I eventually replaced the front axle with a D44.

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Yes with the wheels turned all the way to the right, the end of the draglink where it intercepts the tie rod isn't able to pass the axle mount of the sway bar disconnect. This spot at normal ride height is close but will clear, but with any axle droop makes major contact. The weld on replacement pieces for the discos raise it's location by 2", and the upgrade steering relocates that joint for the draglink/tierod closer to the passenger wheel and to the front side of the tierod.


I really don't feel like pulling the axle again to weld on these brackets but for the price difference I may not have a choice.


Has any one purchased this upgrade steering kit from motion offroad or someone's similar product? Would you recomend one because this is the route I would like to take even though it costs more. An upgrade to the steering couldn't possibly hurt since the tires are so much larger than stock! :cheers:

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Update: zone offroad sells this relocation brackets and actually had decent instructions with good pictures. So for less than $40 bucks and an hour of fab work without having to pull an axle I'll give it a shot. :D

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