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WJ steering conversion

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Youll need different unit bearings so you can mount your old wheels as the WJ ones have a different bolt pattern, and I think maybe some spacers? and maybe different axle shafts? I'm sure others will chime in. I need to know to as I have this mod planned as well.

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I went through this a couple of weeks ago . Trying to get a handle on all the different ways to set the steering up , I gave up

and went with the Tera Flex high steer knuckle kit . You don't need the other Knuckle unless you want it and I'm making

my own Tie rod and Drag link out of more solid round rod instead of the expensive aluminum rods .

I'm still using the Tera Flex rod ends though .

It all bolts up fine and uses the stock break set up and there are a couple of options of rod placement and set up .

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Its not that simple... You best grab everything form the calipers/rotors in... Most everything is different. Than there is the different lug spacing...


What are you looking to accomplish? Stronger steering setup?


Personally I would get away from the inverted Y set up of stock jeeps. That means the ZJ and Currie setup are out.


I like the various 1ton setups out there. mine is the JCR system, but there are others. If you want go with a tie rod flip to gain some clearance. maybe a tera flex knuckle too if you like, but these require extra work as the sway bar needs modification.



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Yeah I guess I'm already doing all that at the same time with a RE super duty 5.5 lift , SYE and rebuilt axles , so far though

It looks like the Tera Flex kit will use all of the stock brake calipers and rotors but we'll see .

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