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Will a 90 4.0 (AT) swap with 87 4.0 (5-Speed)?

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Our 1987 4.0 with 5-speed manual recently dropped to zero oil pressure and is making lots of noise. I've actually posted the MJ for sale here and on Craigslist.


Someone local called when he saw my Craigslist ad. He has a 1990 4.0 with automatic on the column. His body is rusted out, but the engine runs good. He says he will part with the entire truck, engine included, for $200.


Question: Will the 1990 4.0 with automatic on the column swap into my 1987 4.0 with 5-speed manual? Mine is 4x4, I forgot to ask about his.


One final note: My 1987 has brand new fuel injectors, new fuel pump, and new water pump.


Thanks in advance for any info.

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What are you asking? Whether you can put that 4.0L in your jeep, or whether you can put that drivetrain in your jeep?


4.0L should be a direct bolt in, as for the entire drivetrain, you will have to swap the engine bay harness and possibly the interior harness for the column shift.


That help any? I am kinda tossed off by the question.

Rob L.

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Sorry about that - thanks for pointing it out.


I only want to swap the engine. I will definitely keep my 5-speed manual.


I wasn't sure if swapping the 4.0 from an automatic to a 5-speed was an issue.


Also, I was wondering if the years made an issue. Obviously, 91 and up may be an issue due to the HO version of the motor, but I am hoping the 87 and 90 are interchangeable.


Once again, this question is about swapping the engine only.

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