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Original Owner - 88 Pioneer resto

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House is done, (except for stuff you do right before you sell it), and the kid is off to college - must be ME time!

Below is a pic of my '88 Pioneer. I’m the original owner and made the dealer salesman write it up from scratch – no off the lot for me back then. (This was my first brand new vehicle purchase and damn it they were making it the way I wanted it.)


4.0 Renix. BA10/5 puke goat, 2 WD Long bed, 122,425 miles

Fancy options I ordered were,

Vent windows

Swing out mirrors

23 gallon gas tank

H-D Cooling

Traction Lok rear end (Ugh – it’s a Dana 35)



Phase I is to get it back on the road in decent shape and includes:

Fix floor and wheel wells (rest of body is pretty good for a 22 yr old Michigan truck)

Install AX-15

Add buckets and center console

Rebuild engine – no mods, just clean it up


Headliner and carpet



Drivers side floor


Passenger side floor



Driver wheel well

Passenger wheel well


Goal is to get it restored and use it as a solid base for eventual Phase II mods.


Phase II:

Convert to 4WD

4.6 Stroker

97+ Dash

Dual diaphragm brake booster

Rear discs on 8.25 axle – (3.55 gears min)

Power windows

Fender mounted Washer Tank


Special thanks to all previous posters on Comanche Club. The site has already been an awesome site for info and ideas. Great members that have a passion for these cool little trucks.

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Welcome from another original mj owner. Mine was also my first brand new vehicle bought. Although I didn't order anything custom I did get under the skin of the saleswoman. I bought it the week of Christmas during one of the coldest weeks on record in KC and their was another one exactly like mine sitting next to it. With it being the end of the year she had no leverage at all and literally threw the pen at me and said, "Will you just sign the paper!" It was great.

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