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Holy cow this is wild!

Sir Sam

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Ive been into Beetles for 20 years and have never seen anything like that. And with my knowledge of bugs, I know too, that a camper like that would make a bug eat a number three cylinder exhaust valve in no time! Those engines in the later years couldnt even handle having AC added to them without overheating... let alone pulling a camper! I love em though and still have it in the back of mind that I want to build a rail buggy sometime... though over the last ten years or so the parts for them are getting more and more expensive. The last one I really built was a 59 Microbus panel van. I had about $5000 in motor and trans alone. It was sweet, a dual 2 barrel throttle bodies each with 48mm bores and port injected with a serpentine belt system and all the other goodies... it was slammed to the ground sitting on 195/45R15 tires....NICE. Sorry for the reminice!

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