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WTB Electric fan, Pass. Remote Manual Mirror, ETC


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For some reason the pick and pull down here as a lack of below 1995 XJ's and no MJ's at all right now. I am trying to gather some parts for both MJ's at once:


1) Passenger side remote manual mirror...in black. I also am in the market for a set of 97-99 manual mirrors for the 89 MJ.


2) Electric fan...for the 87 but can be from 86-89 years.


3) Door checks...prefer the 91-96 version with the rubber stopper but can use the older version.


4) Floor shifter handle. The black plastic "T" from the 86-94 years.


5) Grab handle. The handle above the passenger door frame. Looking for the sand color or light grey.


6) Visor center clip. The small plastic piece above the rear view mirror that holds the visor ends in place. Also in the sand or grey color.


Please let me know if you have some of these items you want to 'part' with. image_209027.gif



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