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anyone use a tapco stock for there sks


keep it stock or change it  

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  1. 1. keep it stock or change it

    • stock
    • bayonet cut
    • front pistol grip

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i have been looking into buying a tapco stock for the sks and was wondering if i should get it with the bayonet cut or the bottem forend pistol grip? how well do these fit? also i don't think i would get the magazine in canada.


bayonet cut



front pistol grip

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what are you going to be using it for?


target shooting or hunting then the baynet cut or stock is what you are looking for.


kicking down doors shooting at bad guys or robbing banks then the pistol grip will work best.


just hanging it on the wall, stock or what ever looks best with your home decor.



the fit depends on were the sks was made, but for the most part tapco stock fit very well

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I'm running a tapco stock on one of my SKS's. I really like it and it totally improves the ergonomics of the rifle. I will warn you though a lot of internet commandos will poke fun at the tapco stock saying that you are ruining the rifle and sks's are best if kept in their original configuration. But who cares what others think, its your rifle right? I don't have a forward pistol grip on mine but if that is your cup of tea throw one on, I am running a forward pistol grip on one of my AR15 and I like it. oh and if your sks has a bayonet on it then you definatley want to get the tapco stock cut for the bayo, otherwise you will not be able to close your bayonet.


check out this forum....loads of info on SKS's and tapco stocks. http://www.sksboards.com/smf/index.php

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