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Mj Bastard Pack

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I have two sets of springs in my parts pile one set needs new main leaves and the other is really only good for mains (the ends are bad). So I was thinking instead of just swapping out the mains, I would build some Bastard packs. Cutting off the ends of the bad mains and puting the good ones over them. Has anyone ever done this I am already SOA with 2wd packs and a little higher in the front, So i am only looking for 1-2 inches if i get any lift. Would they be too stiff?


Sorry if that was hard to read I am at work and am half asleep, LOL.

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That should work just fine. Using the main leaves from a second set of springs to make AALs is very common with XJs, and typically yields about an inch and a half of lift. I did one several years ago, then drove it from Connecticut to Montana for a former girlfriend. I thought the ride was very comfortable.


Back in my autocross and road racing days I made up a set of rear springs for my Javelin by using ALL the leaves from two sets of springs. IIRC the Javelin rear springs were 3-leaf springs, so I ended up with 6 leaves on each side. I cut the tips off each leaf so the lengths were staggered to fall between the ends of the original leaves. The ride was firm but not bone-jarring. And I was running those springs with HUGE Gabriel adjustable truck shocks.


Go for it.

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