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trackbar bolt

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Does anyone know the size(diameter and length) of the lower trackbar bolt? Looking to change mine (trackbar) and want to get a replacement bolt. Would really like to get before disassembly so I have it on hand. Lots of threads on the trackbar but none list the bolt size, :dunno: atleast none I have found. I have an 88 2wd with a 4.0.

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it's m10x1.5x65mm or so


I guess I missed one.


If possible get a hardened flange bolt in m10x1.5x60mm (I never found a 65mm long bolt in the hardware store). If you can't find a flanged (built in washer) bolt, find a normal one and get a hardened washer to go with it. Don't forget that metric hardness ratings are different so you're looking for a 10.9 rather than the 8.whatever. Last time I bought a couple cost was a bit over $2/pc.


The bolts that Wildman is referring to are the bolts used to hold the upper trackbar/motormount bracket to the frame.

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