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Ebay Rear panel carpet $45 + shipping

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The greed of some of these sellers never ceases to amaze. :eek:



Totally agree, yea, we all know some of the parts just are not there anymore, and for "us" that hoard the parts, for other members, seeing these ridicules prices :shake:


I know a local member got mad at me because I wanted $80 for a pair of bucket seat sliders, but I told him, if he could find them in a JY, fine, If he seen a set on e-bay, he would be paying $160-$225 for them. Was I wrong :dunno:


I guest some people don't realize what I have invested in the MJ's and parts, plus what I pay to store them *shop rent is not free* :(


And.......I got to get you your parts from a couple weeks ago, don't I Don :doh:

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The greed of some of these sellers never ceases to amaze. :eek:


Well, it is Ebay. If it was on here, I'd be a little more concerned. I could make a mint on some of my tucked away goodies on Ebay, but I'd rather help out people on here. 50% of the stuff I sell on here I brake even on. The other 50%, half of it I make a couple of bucks and the other half I lose a dollar or two. Which I guess that would mean I break even 100%. :dunno: Never was good at math. The only time Ebay gets me a little POd, is when a member here gets raped for it when they could of posted an ad here and got it a lot cheaper. It's even worst when it's a member from here listing it and another member from here getting raped. :no:



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