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CPS story

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As anyone who's been on here very long knows I am a great fan of the 2.5 engine and think it's being unfairly mistreated by most members of CC. This is based on my '89MJ, 2.5, 5spd, 4.10, 215R15. 21 MPG, 80-85 on the highway. I realy like my truck. However there was a down side to it I never revealed, until now. It wouldn't always start. If I started it everyday no problem. Started it every other day, would have to crank it 10-15 seconds before firing. If it sat over 4 days forget it. Two weeks ago it had been sitting for 3 days and then wouldn;t start. I got ticked an parked it. Started to part it out. This morning I was reading threads about the CPS and thought'why not' Hit the key, it turned over but no start. I pulled the connector, 200 ohms. ac volts on meter, hit starter, .5VAC. Connected plug back together, hit starter. It fired right off. *#$%^(&^#!$#%*&(*$#&($@ an a gosh darn it or two. Maybe CC should start a rant an rave section. Jim :dunno: :fool:

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you almost parted it out over a crank sensor!


sheesH! we do need a rants section! :fs1: :fs1: :fs1:


(just playin with ya bud, glad ya got it hammered out :cheers: )


my buddy pulled a good 4.2 out of his yj 5 years ago in favor of a 350 swap over a freakin fuel pump relay going dead. it hasnt run since. :clapping:

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like i always say...after a can of brake cleaner, it will start every day...



take a can of brake cleaner and spray the cps sensor while still attached to the trans there is a thin space there and the cleaner will get on the flywheel and clean off the pick up magnets to, after a good blast for 20 seconds and u get it started and keep spraying it. even crawl under the truck and spray it. it will run down onto the flywheel and clean off the contacts/pickups usually a whole can of cleaner will clean up the flywheel real good and the problem will go way. if it occurs again just get another can and re spray it.



my 89 xj had hard start due to a rear min seal being bad and oil went all over the flywheel a quick spray and wash it was good as new. and i replaced mt RMS btw.

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