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My UTI Rant


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Last week I was in the Truck brakes lab(semis) looking at brakes. Well we had to remove bearings and races from the hub. So i pulled them out by HAND and noticed a bur on the side. So we brought the teacher and showed him he said"you @#$%ed up" and walked away. We got him to come back and told him that was how it was when we got it. He said no it wasnt you hit it with the punch(punch was in the tool box across the shop. So I let that go but thought it was BS.



Back in lab with a bunch of lab sheets to fill out using the scan tools on computers and stuff.He told us to ask him for a connector if we need it so we called him over and told him our computer wouldnt turn on and the we need a connector. He didnt say anything and walked away. We called him over about 15 mins later and told him again. He got our computer to turn on and walked away. So we started filling out the sheet he walked by us with a plastic red tool box and set it down and kept walking without saying a word. I happened to catch him doing that but continued to fill out paper work. 10 mins later I realized that most be our connector and sure it was. We got everything all connected and it just about 2 hours(first break) into class. We try finding some info and call him over for some guidence and hes like "you can't find it" we said no he said"guess you guys are SOL for today" I was like "what?" He said $#!& OUT OF LUCK and walked away. now its after break about 9-915AM and We had been trying to get WSS to read on the computer screen and we couldnt get it to read. So we callled him over again and asked y we could get one out the the 4 wheels to read. He said "I guess something is broke" and walked away. So there on out when he would come over or make some stupid comment i would be a smart @$$ back b/c he was trying to be funny after he told us to basically @#$% off.


I'm sure there will be more tomorrow when he accuses me of sleeping like usual.

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if you have problems with either the instructor or his boss remember, your schooling is a service that you payed for and they are providing. also its not high school so try not to be a "smart @$$" be assertive and confident in what you expect from them... the costumer is always rite. or as cesar would say "don't be aggressive, be dominant"


try try try to be respectful so your future relationship with this guy isnt compromised, cause hes still holding the fat red pen that effects your life.


do try to resolve this with him first, maybe he was having a bad day, you don't want to come off as a tattle tale...


good luck :thumbsup:




wow am i that old already.....

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I have had 3 experiences as an instructor. In Spain I taught English to civilians and military and electronics to Spanish Air force personnel. In the states I taught advanced comunications, data processing and computer maintenance to Army and Air Force people. With military people some of them wanted to be there, some didn't. With civilian people they want to be there. They are paying for instruction. They deserve to get what they are paying for. If there is a complaint, get it resolved. Talk to the instructor first. Maybe he was having a bad day. If you don't get satisfaction, then go to his supervisor. But you deserve to get what your paying for. EDUCATION.

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Working with others is the most important thing you will ever learn. Complaining may work now, try complaining when you receive the same treatment from a thirty year employee at your next job, you will not like the results.


Everyone you ever work for will be an a$$hole, it is their job.


The ability to gain assistance from someone that wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire, will be very valuable in your future. You need a$$holes to like you.


I cannot think of any line of honorable work that ends with hugging your co-workers, except strippers, but that might only be in my mind.

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